Utility Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do if you have a high water bill?

Please call our office at 954.973.6732.  We are happy to review your water consumption with you and can arrange to have one of our technicians check your meter in the field.

How do I know if I have a leak?

Increased water consumption may sometimes be an indicator that you have a leak.  If you have all of the water turned off on your home, you can go to your meter box and check to see if your meter is spinning.  If it is, it is likely you have a leak and will need to call a plumber.  If you irrigate, please check your sprinklers while they are on.  Please search for broken sprinkler heads as they can also be a reason for water loss.

I had a leak, and now I have to pay a high water bill.  What can I do?

If you can provide proof of repair to our office, we will apply a leak adjustment to your account to help provide relief on your water bill.

How do I know if my meter is working?  Do meters get old?

You can test to see if your meter is working by determining if it is registering water.  If you turn on your hose or your faucet and go out to your meter box, you will see a dial spinning.  As long as your dial is spinning, your meter is working.  Meters do age.  However, they have long lives and are meant to withstand the elements.  Additionally, as meters age, they slow down, registering less usage.

How long is my billing period?

The billing period ranges from 29-31 days on average.

Does the City check for leaks?

The City does review reporting to analyze high consumption or unusual consumption.  Technicians are sent to your homes to check the meter box and meter, and will inform customers of any leaks.

How often are our meters read?

Every meter in the City is read monthly.

Do we get billed for more than one period on a water bill?

No, you do not.  Your meter is read month to month and there is never a delay or overlap in the billing periods.

I don’t have a leak, and my water bill is still high.  How can I find where my water is being consumed?

The City cannot know exactly how the water was consumed, but it can help to identify certain factors that typically lead to high consumption.  Did you water your grass?  Did you refill your pool?  Have you been home more often?  Have you had guests?  Have you had any work done on your home?  Many of these result in higher water consumption and are often overlooked.

Does Coconut Creek use estimates to bill their customers?

Coconut Creek does not use estimates to arrive at water consumption for monthly billing.  A meter reader physically visits your meter box monthly.

Does the City use smart/electronic meters to obtain reads?

No, the City uses touch read meters that require a physical visit to your meter box monthly.

Am I being billed for solid waste or bulk pickup on my water bill?

No, you do not incur solid waste or bulk pickup charges on your water bill.  Solid waste charges for single family homes are included in your property tax bill.



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